Juveniles arrested after trying to run from stolen car crash

FIVE juveniles are assisting police after allegedly crashing a stolen car into another vehicle on the Gold Coast overnight.

Police said officers first spotted the alleged stolen Kia Sportage on Brisbane Road at Arundel around 11.00pm.

Polair tracked the car as it continued to travel south along the M1 Motorway, before taking the Reedy Creek exit.


“The alleged stolen Kia Sportage attempted to make a turn at the Leda Drive intersection in Burleigh Heads when it collided with a Ford Falcon travelling in the opposite direction,” Queensland Police said.

Five males, aged between 12 and 19, ran from the scene but were taken into custody a short time later after being tracked down by the Dog Squad.

The two occupants of the Ford Falcon thankfully managed to escape uninjured.

It’s understood the Kia was stolen from a home in Broadbeach Waters on Friday morning.

Investigations are continuing, with charges yet to be laid.

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I’m so gutted that was me that they hit, I’ve only had the car for one week and I worked my ass off to get it.

Hope you had insurance Tate, if not i would sue whoever you can to get that money out of them, I would say sue the parents, but not all parents are at fault, because sometimes you just cannot get through to idiot children no matter how hard you try, how about people start suing the magistrates who keep letting out the repeat offenders and destroying peoples livelihoods, someone has to be held accountable, sure is not the ahole kids.

The government should set up a “Hec’s” type debt recovery process so these morons will need to pay right into their adult lives.
At the moment there is no compensation and little punishment.
Rob someone or a business and you end up in jail, take someone’s car worth over $20k and you end up back out on the street the same or next day.