Karl Stefanovic delivers heartfelt apology to Qld Premier over border closures

The Today Show has offered a dramatic apology to the Queensland Premier live on TV this morning, after criticising her for her stance on borders.

It comes as the sunshine state prepares to welcome back interstate tourists today as planned, after months of uncertainty.

Host Karl Stefanovic was amongst those who were extremely critical of the closures, demanding time and time again that they reopen.


But after the situation in Victoria significantly worsened over the past few weeks, causing even New South Wales to close their border to the state, Karl has offered his sincerest apology to Annastacia Palaszczuk live on The Today Show this morning.

Here’s how it went down…

Karl: “Just a few weeks ago Gladys Berejiklian, just finally, and yours truly, called your decision to keep the Queensland borders closed crazy and illogical among many other things.”

Premier: “That’s right, I remember all that.”

Karl: “On behalf of Gladys and myself… I’m sorry I’m sorry, so sorry… I’m sorry. Are we ever going to talk again?” **cue ‘I’m sorry music in the background’**
Premier: “I accept your apology, Karl.

Ally: “And can I just interrupt here and say that I predicted that there’d be a little bit of grovelling taking place this morning, so on Karl’s behalf, Jessica Millward and I have organised an apology gift for the Queensland premier. Premier, this is from Karl.” **Premier is given lovely bunch of flowers**

Premier: “Thank you. This means a lot. Thank you so much. On behalf of the people of Queensland, Karl, we accept your apology.”
Karl **planning an imminent trip to his home state**: “Thank you, premier. I will see you at 12:06.”

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