Karl Stefanovic’s wife: “He’s dead to me”

Do you know what sucks about a long-term marriage breakdown?

Apart from the obvious pain and heartbreak and suffering involved when the actual relationship breaks down?

The thing that really sucks is how each respective party bounces back.


By this I mean: the husband usually moves on with a hot younger woman. And the wife usually moves on with herself.

Case in point is 43-year-old Karl Stefanovic. He left his wife and the mother of his three kids last year, and almost immediately picked up with a beautiful 30-something fashionista.

His wife Cassandra is now a 46-year-old single mother of three. She’s put in the hard yards – the years of supporting him and his career, the toll on her body after growing and birthing and raising their kids – and now, her days are filled with school runs and uniforms and food prep and counselling teens.

Meanwhile, Karl gets to skip about town with fresh energy and vigour, brunching and boating with his hot new ladylove and basking in the glow of new lust.

It’s little wonder that Cass recently confessed to Woman’s Day: “The children still have a father but I don’t have a husband. He really is dead to me and no, we won’t ever be friends again.”

“There were days in the beginning I would get up, put on a brave face and drop the kids at school, then I’d get to the back door and I would lie in a heap for the rest of the day unable to move — there were very dark days,” she also shared.

Fortunately she’s now in a much better place, but her focus is purely on her children, rather than finding a new partner.

“I get up every day with only one purpose – to make sure my three beautiful kids are happy – everything else really doesn’t matter,” she shares.

It’s a similar story with actor Ewan McGregor, who earlier this year left his wife and the mother of his four kids, and started up with a 32-year-old actress – his current co-star. His 51-year-old former wife gets to figure out how to be a single mum to kids ranging in age from 6 to 21, while he snuggles in with his new love interest over coffee and cake.

It’s bloody unfair.

And I can totally understand why Karl is, in fact, dead to Cass. Following Lisa Wilkinson’s shock departure from Today, it will be interesting to see how many female viewers share this opinion?