Kayaker becomes viral sensation after seal slaps him in the face with an octopus


If there’s one thing you thought would never happen to you in your lifetime, it would be getting a giant octopus hurled in your face by a seal.

But that’s exactly what happened to a shocked kayaker in New Zealand, who has become a viral sensation after the bizarre moment was caught on a GoPro camera.


Kyle Mulinder was paddling with mates in waters off the coast of Kaikoura, on New Zealand’s South Island when the seal suddenly emerged from the water, slapping him across the face with the octopus’ massive tentacles.

“Wrong place, right time!” Mulinder captioned the video on Instagram.

“Yes I got slapped in the face with an octopus by the seal! I know crazy right. Here’s the story…

“Last weekend I was out testing the new #GoProHero7 with @kaikourakayaks and my mate @taiyomasuda. After a fun paddle around the peninsula catching waves we spotted a giant male seal fighting an octopus.

“Before we knew it the fight came to us and well the rest is slap to the face. I’m not sure who got more of a surprise the seal, the octopus or me.”



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