Kerryn Phelps’ short political career over as she concedes defeat

Independent MP Kerryn Phelps has formally conceded defeat in the Sydney seat of Wentworth.

Dave Sharma has snatched the seat back for the Liberal Party after he lost the by-election held last year after Malcolm Turnbull quit politics.

The latest counting had Mr Sharma 2,572 votes ahead of Dr Phelps with more than 76% of the vote counted.


Dr Phelps swept into the once blue-ribbon Liberal seat in October as locals vented their anger at the dumping of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister, overcoming the Liberals’ 17.7% margin.

But she was unable to hang on this time, as voter anger subsided.

Dr Phelps congratulated Mr Sharma on his win.

“It’s been an enormous privilege to serve in Wentworth,” she told reporters in Sydney

“I wish Dave Sharma very well in his new role.”

“I may have only been in parliament for a short time but I am proud of my record, I am proud of the team I’ve had around me, I’m proud of my family for the support they have given me.”

The victory in Wentworth gives the Coalition 75 seats, one shy of a majority.

Five seats remain in doubt with the Coalition ahead in two of them.