Kevin Walters “not interested” in Titans coaching job

Maroons coach Kevin Walters has made it clear he’s “not interested” in taking over the head coaching job at the Titans following the sacking of Neil Henry last week.

Despite persistent speculation, the Queensland State of Origin coach and former Broncos assistant coach has made it clear he hasn’t even spoken to Gold Coast officials about a possible move down the M1 from Brisbane.

“I haven’t had any talks whatsoever with the Titans about the possibility of me going there and coaching, that’s just non-existent,” Walters told Fox Sports.


The highly regarded mentor said any position which would draw him away from the Maroons would have to be “something very special” which fits his style of coaching.

“The job doesn’t interest me because I’m currently contracted,” he said.

“If I go outside those boundaries I put my position at the Queensland Rugby League in jeopardy, which I don’t want to do.

“I’m still on a high from Origin. I want to get into the NRL at some stage but I just don’t think that right now it’s appropriate to be talking about it.”