KFC bans in-store dining to halt spread of coronavirus

Fast-food giant KFC has made the extraordinary decision to ban all in-restaurant dining following the coronavirus outbreak.

In a statement on Wednesday, the fast-food giant revealed it would be voluntarily moving to a drive-thru and take-away service only in a bid to limit social interaction between staff and customers.

“Just a week ago no-one knew what ‘social distance’ was, now we all know how important it is,” KFC CEO Nikki Lawson said.


“So, from Wednesday 18 March, we’ve chosen to temporarily close our dining room seating and ask everyone to use drive-thru, takeaway or get KFC home-delivered instead.”

Ms Lawson also said that the company is encouraging contact free payment and taking extra measures to ensure cleanliness at all of its stores around the country.

“We have plenty of options for contact-free ordering and pick up. Many customers are already using our App and cashless payment options,” she said.

“Our delivery partners are also offering contact-free service. But even if you prefer cash you’ll still be safe – your KFC team members will be sanitising their hands after every transaction.”

“Every KFC staff member is getting special COVID-19 training and we’ve already introduced extra cleaning of surfaces.

“Importantly, and in line with expert advice, all staff will be washing their hands even more frequently (above industry standards) – even if they’ve had no outside contact.”

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The kfc store in Blacktown nsw , has no cash purchase and only drive thru and delivery services in operation, however I was shocked to see none of the staff wearing gloves or masks ! And not adhering to the social distancing safety code ! Besides no in store dining they were operating as per usual with no precaution being taken at all , is this allowed to happen ?! Somebody needs to police places such as these who could be helping the spread of the virus