Kick it to the kerb

GARAGE sales on the southern end of the Gold Coast experienced a noticeable slump over the weekend.

The heat may have had something to do with it but increased competition was the more likely explanation.

There was nobody wheeling and dealing at this alternate treasure trove however, it was a free-for-all.


Division 14 is in the midst of the Kerbside Clean-Up this week and every other house from Currumbin to Coolangatta and out to the Valley is sporting a pile of junk in their front yard. Some houses seem to have produced a literal junk mountain while others only managed to scrounge together a cardboard box or two.

I blame Pinterest, but this annual event gets my creative juices flowing. You know the saying, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’? Yeah well I have a thousand or so pins that verify it as fact with DIY upcycling ideas for every household item under the sun.

My obsession all started with this awesome hallway table that I scavenged from kerbside Clean-Up about five years ago. It had been out in the rain and was slightly bowed but, with a bit of love, attention and a lick of paint, I restored that beauty to what is now a key feature in our entryway.

Riding high on the euphoria of that restoration win, I eagerly anticipated the next year and over the course of the next couple of years I amassed a TV, a ping pong table, a kid sized desk, multiple dining chairs, a ladder, carpet, five pallets and numerous building materials – for free.

Oh, the plans I had to breathe life back into those rejects.

Of course, then I went and had two babies in quick succession. Add in work and study and all those other activities that send the pace of life into overdrive and here I am, four years later, with all of those subsequent finds still sitting under my house.

As much as it pains me to admit it, those Pinterest ideas are still far from fruition – so far in fact that this year it is time for me to let the dream die.

Those special finds that gave me a glimpse of my inner decorator goddess have come full circle and are back on the kerb this week.

Or at least they were on Saturday – the pile is already reduced to palm fronds and wood off cuts as other dreamers fall subject to that same sneaky allure of upcycling.

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