KICK OFF! NRL given green light to restart next month

Get excited NRL fans, because footy is a step closer to being back on our TV Sreens.

The NRL has just confirmed that it has received the green light from the NSW Government to restart the competition on their desired date of May 28.

ARL Commissioner Wayne Pearce confirmed the news on Wednesday afternoon following a Project Apollo innovations committee meeting.


“What we achieved today was a lot more clarity around the medical process and what those protocols are,” Pearce said.

According to Pearce, teams will also begin training on May 4 to prepare for their return to the field.

“We clarified that May 28 is a definite and also confirmed that May 4 is the resumption date for training,” Pearce told reporters.

“What was also confirmed is that the competition points that had been earned in the first two rounds will carry over to the extended competition.

“Everyone is supportive of what we’re doing. Everyone is unified into getting back on the field.”

The exact details surrounding the structure of the competition is yet to be worked out.

“The key stakeholders in regards to the competition structure are the broadcasters so we’re liaising with the broadcasters at the moment,” Pearce said.

“We hope that we’ll be in a position, sooner rather than later, to announce what the competition structure looks like and what the end date of the competition will be.”

The Gold Coast Titans and other teams not located in NSW “would have to come into camp in NSW,” Pearce confirmed.

“But the landscape is changing pretty quickly,” he added.

“The government authorities that we are speaking to are very supportive of what we’re looking to do because we are actually looking to hold ourselves to very high standards, and that will certainly exceed what community expectations are.”

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This is great news, Not a huge NRL but its great to see some people want to get back to work and are making plans. Unlike our premiers and school teachers unions who rather we all stay at home for ever. Can’t give this idea enough Kudos.

So I assume us mere mortals will be allowed to socialise again from may 4th?