Kids better protected by new pedophile laws

QUEENSLAND child sex offenders will be forced to give police full access to their Facebook and Twitter accounts under new laws that were passed in Parliament overnight, despite Labor shamefully voting against them.

Children will be better protected and tougher monitoring for pedophiles will be enforced under the new legislation which will also see mandatory reporting periods increased to every three months, instead of annually.

Offenders will also be required to inform authorities about any change of address or travel plans within seven days, instead of 14.


Police Minister Jack Dempsey said it was disgraceful to see the Queensland Labor Party vote against the legislation.

“I was shocked to see Labor vote against legislation which puts the rights of our most vulnerable ahead of offenders,” Mr Dempsey said.

“Labor’s vote against these sensible reforms is a vote against victims, families, and those affected by these devastating crimes.

“It shows Queensland Labor has no plan to protect children, no plan to ensure our streets are safer, and no plan for the future,” he said.