Kirra Beach Tourist Park residents given more time to move out

Long term residents of Kirra Beach Tourist Park have been given a small reprieve, with Council backing down to give all residents the same amount of time to find new homes.

Council is ending all permanent residencies at the Tourist Park and turning it into a 100 per cent holiday facility.

That sparked outrage among residents who were facing an uncertain future after living at the park for years.


Those living in mobile homes in the park had been given until June 30, 2028 to move out.

But those in renovated caravans were only given three years to find new homes.

Some residents in caravans feared that Council could even force them out with as little as 60 days notice.

However after fierce lobbying, Council has today voted to give all residents the same length of time to leave.

Councillor Gail O’Neill told today’s full council meeting that they had a duty to give residents some peace of mind.

“We may not have a legal obligation but we have a moral obligation to make sure that these people can actually peacefully reside in what has been their home, for some of them, for over 20 years” Councillor O’Neill said

“The average age of some of the residents there is about 70, they’re stressed to the max and I honestly think we need to make this decision and make it today.”

Mayor Tom Tate, Deputy Mayor Donna Gates, and Councillors Bob Le Castra and Pauline Young voted against the motion but it had enough support to be carried.