Kirra Pizza Hut forced to close its doors for good

Residents are furious over Council’s decision to discontinue Pizza Hut’s tenancy at the Kirra Beach Pavilion.

A tender process is currently underway to find a new tenant, once Pizza Hut’s lease runs out next month.

The store will close its doors for good on July 14, after leasing the Council site for some 40 years.


It’s believed Pizza Hut hasn’t made the shortlist for the next tenancy, because Council doesn’t want a fast food restaurant associated with the beachfront location.

The Kirra Surf Club is also upset with the decision made by Council, fearing a new tenant might not back the surf club.

“Pizza Hut sponsor our patrols and give them two meals a day when on duty, the surf club works well with them.

“Our concerns are if something like a micro-brewery or restaurant go in,” Club President Michael Hill told Newscorp.

Councillor Gail O’Neil says Council is currently waiting on a shortlist of potential new tenants, and that the beachfront location of the site has to be taken into consideration.

“Council made a decision to have a look to see what is possible for that site.

“We were looking at something that enhances the iconic areas and the heritage-listed building but council has not taken part in the actual expressions of interest process,” Cr Gail O’Neil told Newscorp.

It’s believed at least 30 jobs will also be cut when Pizza Hut close their doors.

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So it seems like a lot of people want Kirra Pizza hut to remain, they work well with and sponsor and the surf club, but the council just decide its not what “they” want for Kirra….? I was taken there by my parents and now take my daughter, I am sure I am not the only one with this experience and don’t even get me started on what the council have done with Palm beach. A lot of people who live at the Southern end of the Coast are looking for a different experience to the Broadbeach / Surfers Paradise scene and Council should remember that, not replicate it on the southern end of the coast.

Give it back to the surf club so they can use it to raise money to guard our beaches!! The supporters club already competes with the Kirra Hotel, they don’t need another organisation (especially an overseas one) taking business. How will the club survive?

What a shame that is always number one on our holiday up there , we love it , we always stay further up the Gold Coast but look forward up our day in Kirra and Pizza Hut there , no more now I think the council are making a big mistake, everyone I know down south always go there on there holidays. A lot of disappointed kids and Adults.

I am a resident and so freaking happy they are leaving. Cannot believe such a s***ty food is being served at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Same for the surf clubs, best locations and yet they are not able to provide great food for reasonable prices. Let the market decide who is the best and deserves to serve food at Kirra! FYI Not that Surf Clubs dont already make a killing out of the silly pokies!

Nicky why did (would) you say the food at Pizza Hut Kirra is s***ty if it isn’t or it wasn’t? did you have a bad experience at another cafe or another restaurant?

It can’t be that bad as it stood the test of time – 40 years !

The food is not s***ty, you are just being a nasty little troll. Why don’t you go get back under your bridge. The place is clean well maintained and the food is fresh. The fact that you also have a go at the surf club just shows your a miserable cow.

This pizza hut has been an iconic part of Kirra point since I was a child. why do we need anything else in it’s place. The old saying applies… if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. I hope council take into consideration the views of their ratepayers.

the council don’t own the bloody place – the ratepayers do. if there are no complaints of signifigance they should pull there heads in.
the fact it’s been operating for 40 years shows they must be doing something right.
councillors are trumped up little nobody’s, full of self importance.
what about all the jobs. are council going to absorb them ?.

Shame Gold Coast council. It’s a great place to eat with reasonably priced food.
Always clean and great service.
You should be listening to your rate payers. Is this another icon to be replaced by some up market restaurant?
The building needs some upkeep but your more interested in making more money.
Shame Shame

This is a terrible decision. I used to go there as a kid and now enjoy taking my kids there. This summer wont be the same as we spend the morning on the beach then into pizza hut for lunch.

Well since the council decided they didn’t want it there anymore, the local residents had better remember that at the next local election so they can show the council they aren’t wanted there anymore.

I would love to see Pizza Hut move into The Strand Coolangatta. There’s plenty of room upstairs and beautiful beach views. I’m sure plenty of locals and visitors would support it.

OMG this is so sad!! Pizza hut is an icon for so many of our families who have been brought up here. We loved coming here as children after dads gigs and little dip in the beautiful Kirra beach. We got to share the same child hood experience with our children and family that travel from overseas. Literally this was our family ritual when flying in or out of Auz. My son flew in from overseas and he was so looking forward to pizza hut…until we found out it’s no longer open? so please council consider opening pizza hut back up for all who reminisce on amazing memories and moments spent here Xx