Kite shadow, not Stingray, confesses Gold Coast swimmer

IT WAS meant to be just a bit of fun, but a Gold Coast dad copped flack and sparked a major debate after a video of him apparently baiting a stingray went viral.

The man has since come forward to confirm what many suspected; it was simply the shadow of his daughter’s kite.

NINE MSN reports, the video sparked anger at supposed animal cruelty after the man was shown diving at the dark shadow, initially pegged as a stingray, near Seaworld.


But two days after it first aired on Nine News, the man contacted the Gold Coast Bulletin to set the record straight, saying it was merely a kite shadow.

“No kites were harmed in the making of the video,” the man assured the newspaper.

The man explained he and his daughter were flying a kite above the water when they noticed the shadow and decided to film it.

He shared it with three friends and before he knew it, the video had found its way onto YouTube where it has received 188,000 hits to date.