Kmart shoppers warned of new texting scam

Oh good – another scam to be looking out for… and this one targets Kmart shoppers, so basically, all of us.

Scamwatch has urged us all to be wary of a text scam from Kmart, claiming that we’ve won a prize.

“Watch out for an SMS phishing scam that’s impersonating Kmart.


“The text claims you’ve won a prize and is addressed to you by name,” Scamwatch’s Twitter post warns.

The scam is believed to be pretty similar to others from the big supermarkets, but they’ve taken it one step further and figured out your friend’s names as well as yours.

Either way, we’re being told not to open the attachment in the text, no matter how tempting.

“It may also list your friends’ names. Don’t click on any links or open attachments – it’s a scam,” the post reads.