Koala rescued after wandering onto busy Gold Coast road

An adventurous koala has literally stopped traffic after wandering into a busy intersection at Coomera.

The koala was spotted on the road last night before it decided to try and climb up a set of traffic lights.

Several motorists pulled up at the intersection to try and help.


A number of drivers grabbed towels and clothes from their cars to try and grab it.

The koala was in no mood for a helping hand though, resisting efforts to rescue it.

Eventually the passers-by were able to grab the koala before taking it to the side of the road away from traffic.

It still wasn’t keen to find a tree though, climbing up another road sign before being left to its own device.

Helped a little koala last night. 🎥 Anna Mc

Posted by Alex Casson on Friday, September 13, 2019

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He was very reluctant to have our assistance. After wandering aimlessly across the intersection. Poor guy was lost after his home was destroyed for a shopping centre.