Kris & Bruce’s promo video revealed!

Usually it’s the parents embarrassing the kids, but this time Khloé Kardashian is pulling out the big guns on mama Kris Jenner and step-father Bruce Jenner!

The 30-year-old reality show star shared a hilarious flashback video of the pair in a cheesy 80s treadmill infomercial.


Now divorced, Kris and Bruce starred in the vid to advertise the Power Walk Plus treadmill. Khloé captioned it, ‘Who knew that Kris & Bruce Jenner had their very own tape? #PowerWalkPlus’

The former track and field athlete explains, ‘You can pick it up, but you control the pace, as long as you stay nice and erect, you’re gonna be OK,’ while Kris demonstrates on the machine.

It’s not as if this would have embarrassed Kris, though. She seems to love a good #FBF!

Check out the hilarious vid below:

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