Kyle Chalmers forced to withdraw from race due to heart condition

Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers was forced to withdraw last minute from last night’s 100 metres freestyle final, after he suffered symptoms from his pre-existing heart condition.

Chalmers was diagnosed with Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT)prior to the Olympics, and complained to his coach of rapidly increased heart-rate 20 minutes before last night’s race.

Doctors quickly examined the 18-year-old, and ruled him out of the final, to be replaced by first reserve William Stockwell.


Head Coach of Swimming Australia Jacco Verhaeren spoke on behalf of Chalmers saying while the doctor rules him out, he could race in the 200 metres freestyle on Friday.

“It is a condition that we have always been aware of and also of treatment that he has undergone,” said Verhaeren.

“It is something we knew about in the lead up to the Olympics and obviously we are guided by the doctors.

“It is something that is not a major heart condition but when it comes his heart rate escalates quickly.

“We will see how he is tomorrow and he may be able to race, we will have to wait and see.”

He also said Chalmers was “devastated” to have to sit out the race, and have his chance at winning his first National title which went to defending champion and Olympic finalist Cam McEvoy.