Kylie Jenner forced to deny she wears ‘butt pads’

Kylie Jenner has had to shut down fans claiming she wears butt pads after posting cheeky photo on snapchat.

In the photo, the 18-year-old can be seen wearing skin-coloured bottoms and a white crop top, which shows off her tiny waist and curvy behind.

The caption she posted to accompany the photo read: “These new spanx are bomb. From target.”


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However a fan was quick to comment: “LMAO Kylie just posted a picture on snapchat and you can see her butt pads!”

Kylie quickly responded to the jab: “They are Spanx…here’s the link if you want some ;)”.

And it seems she was telling the truth, with the Target link revealing that the discoloration noticed by the fan was ‘rear pockets that release for a perky backside’.