Labor Senator Katy Gallagher denies holding dual citizenship

Yet another Senator has flatly rejected claims she could be affected by the dual citizenship scandal.

News Corp reports Labor Senator Katy Gallagher could hold Ecuadorean citizenship, with documents showing her mother was born there.

However the Senator said her status as an Australian citizen was checked as part of the ALP’s vetting process when she nominated for election and it determined she had not inherited Ecuadorian citizenship.


She has rejected the report which says her mother’s entry card to Australia, which shows she was born in Ecuador, could affect her election to the Upper House.

Under the Ecuadorian constitution established in 2008, anyone born in the country could be a citizen, as could their children.

However Senator Gallagher said it has no impact on her.

“The 2008 Constitution was not in effect when my mother was born,” she said in a statement.

“I am not and had never been an Ecuadorian citizen.”