Labor Senator referred to High Court

Labor has been dealt a slap in the face with Senator Katy Gallagher referring herself to the High Court over dual citizenship concerns.

Senator Gallagher believes she had taken all reasonable steps to renounce her British citizenship, but delays in processing by the UK Home Office meant she was a dual citizen at the time of 2016 election.

Since the start of the dual citizenship saga Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said no-one in his party held two passports, but Gallagher is the first of what could be at least five Labor politicians who are ineligible due to section 44 of the constitution.


After tabling documents yesterday, Labor Senators David Feeney, Justine Kay, Susan Lamb and Josh Wilson will all face scrutiny over their citizenship.

Mr Feeney has been questioned over his links to Northern Island.

He claims, in 2007, he sought to renounce any potential Irish citizenship.

“As far as I am aware, those documents were sent to the relevant British and Irish authorities,” he said.