Labor to slash CO2 pollution by 45%

Labor has announced it would aim to slash carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030 and offset Australia’s CO2 pollution by the middle of the century if in government.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will today reveal Labor’s long-awaited post-2020 emissions reduction targets, after committing his party to tougher climate action than the coalition.

Labor would aim to cut emissions by 45 percent on 2005 levels as part of a longer term plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Mr Shorten cautions the 2030 target is ambitious, particularly due to Australia’s high emissions per head.

The announcement comes just days before Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Australian delegation arrive in Paris for major international climate talks.

The target, roughly in line with what the independent Climate Change Authority recommends, is significantly higher than the 2030 target the government will be armed with in Paris.

The coalition’s 2030 goal – announced under former prime minister Tony Abbott – would cut emissions by 26 to 28 percent on 2005 levels.


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Labor doubles carbon emissions target
Clearly Labor has no credentials to discuss any aspect of Climate Change! Without expert input to the problem -cause -effect or solution on the cancer that is eroding life across the globe. They have moved the Kyoto target from 2012 to the grandkids 2030.
Their thoughts’ of a 45% emission reduction of emissions qualifies their failure to seek council.

Invited by UN USG 96- 99 I joined the international panel that tabled the Kyoto Protocol. Aided other nations to lower 8Billion tonnes CO2 pa meeting UNFCCC 100yr rule virtually zero cost!

In the interest that Labor can join the international Kyoto alert world and protect the young the historians of tomorrow, I offer the following!

• The problem is seafaring man back as far as 450year ago stripped continents back to heat reflecting, CO2e-CH4 emitting, dust generating deserts. This remains key emissions!
• The world rushes to attend the data exchange COP21 assembly but no power to apply a reversal plan-protocol. They have only 1 charter Kyoto not desertification, poverty, drought, mass destitute migration from anthropogenic deserts-drought to depend on aid. The global aid agencies reporting shortages of food and water 2015!
• Expecting some magic clean energy is a pipe dream when most nations are geared to coal. Here is what green groups’ miss, the NOX emissions via the Suns’ radiation becomes life-sustaining Nitrogen. Yes some of the real nasty emission can be captured at source.
If Labor was serious in wanting to not loose many seats at the next election they would develop a business plan before speaking out! Here is one-way pickup serious votes.
• Drought proof Qld, WA SA meeting UNFCCC 100yr secure storage of CO2e rule!
• The clip below shows other continents lowering 8Bn Tonnes CO2 minimum pa. Employing 250,000+ folk in sustainable careers, bonus T O Bn$300-600pa to the 100yr rule
• Australians 2016- educated even cultured certainly aware for a need for serious reduction of mass CO2e build up and science to stop dumping of CO2e and waste to landfill and sea.
Do shoot your thoughts, rather, gather marketable science solution even hint at bipartisan national agenda. Well planned Australia could be the CO2 sink of the industrial Nations capturing a serious part of the 40,000,000,000 tonnes CO2 annual, Of course, add to that figure feeding the world, and building an industry for when mining industrial industry slows.
It is simple and a serious following awaits!
Without prejudice