Labor’s plan to ease demand on Gold Coast’s emergency departments

Labor has announced a plan that will hopefully ease demand on emergency departments at Gold Coast University Hospital, if they get elected.

A Shorten Labor Government will build an $8 million health stabilisation facility near the Gold Coast University Hospital, to improve access to mental health services and reduce pressure on emergency departments.

Around one in 10 patients that front up to the emergency departments, come with acute mental health issues, such as suicidal ideation.


These instances could be better dealt with by the mental health stabilisation facility, which will operate 24 hours a day.

The facility will include a range of treatment options, from crisis chairs to short stay inpatient beds.

Labor Senator Murray Watt says if the party wins the federal election, this would just be the start of announcements for the public health sector.

“We will restore all of the cuts that the LNP have made to all of our Gold Coast hospitals.

“But in addition, we’re going to be making extra investments like this new $8 million mental health stabilisation facility,” Senator Watt said.