Empty seats but LNP ready to roll if early State election called

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls is confident the LNP is ready for the next Queensland election, despite having no candidates in several seats.

Speculation is building that the Palaszczuk Government will call the upcoming State poll by the end of this week, with a number of key platforms likely to include issues affecting the Gold Coast.

Among the hot topics will be growing congestion on the M1 between the Coast and Brisbane, and the LNP’s idea of a bullet-train running from the tourist strip to Bundaberg.


The opposition is still finalising preselection in up to 10 seats but Mr Nicholls said they’re ready to go if an election is called quickly.

“Not only are we ready to fight an election, we’ve released over 40 policies, we are ready to govern in the interests of all Queenslanders,” he told reporters.

“I simply repeat the call to (Premier) Annastacia Palaszczuk, stop the uncertainty, stop what is occurring out there in Queensland with people wanting job security, and name the election date now.”

While the timing is still unknown, the political posturing between the parties is well under way.

The LNP’s announcement of a business study into a Very Fast Train network has been seen by many commentators as an early election promise.

The study aims to connect the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay with Brisbane in a high speed network of trains.

Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, called the proposal “fanciful” before pushing the Labor Government’s Cross River Rail Project, by announcing the start of preliminary works on Monday.

The project will create and upgrade high-capacity stations in Brisbane’s CBD as well as provide over 10km of new track through the city.

Ms Trad has called on the opposition to fully commit to the scheme.