Lack of fluoridation makes Queensland worst state for teeth rot

QUEENSLAND might be the tourism capital of Australia and hold bragging rights to the most State of Origin series wins, but the Sunshine State has now claimed a most unwanted title.

The Australian Dental Association has declared Queensland as the worst in the country for tooth decay, reporting almost 150,000 children are on a waiting list to see a dentist in the public health system.

Health experts told News Corp children are having extractions daily and tens of thousands end up in hospital each year for dental work.


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has ruled out mandating fluoride in council water supplies, ignoring a call from the Australian Medical Association Queensland.

There are 19 regions that have no fluoride in their water supply, equating to around one quarter of all Queensland residents.

Gold Coasters are treated to fluoride in their water system “as a safe and effective way to reduce tooth decay”, according to the local council website.

Researchers studied the impact of fluoridation in the Logan and Beaudesert areas, where fluoridation was introduced in 2008, and found that within three years children aged four to nine showed a 19 per cent reduction in tooth caries or cavities.

The National Oral Health Plan (2015 to 2024) recommends that all communities with more than 1000 people should be fluoridated.

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Maybe if preventative dental work was more affordable we wouldn’t have so many issues.
I know so many people that put off going to the dentist – even for their children, as they simply cannot afford it.

People are priced out of fresh and healthy foods too. Something, even unhealthy, on the table is far better than nothing at all.

We’re all at a crisis point. Soon more people are going to break.

Please tell your readers/listeners the truth on how much of the world population has water fluoridation.
About 5% of the world population have water fluoridation..
About 2% of Europeans have water fluoridation.
There is zero water fluoridation in Japan.
About 30% of Canadians have water fluoridation.
About 50% of New Zealanders have water fluoridation.

The headline makes a definite statement yet extensive independent and unbiased evidence does not support it.You do not state which “researchers ” nor cite your quote. You are advocating for adding an unnessential industrial waste product (expensive to dispose of) and a neurotoxin to a water (that is essential to life itself). It is (and its very close chemical a***ouges) also an active ingredient in most pharmaceutical tranquilizers and anti psychotics .Very effectiveroach killer also.Its evident this was written without doing extensive unbiased research or following any journalistic principles and that this has been handed down for you to publish by unknown others with questionable motives.
Fellow citizens.We don’t need this. Eat properly, feed your kids well and don’t consume so much sugar.
Question and resist the manipulation of your consciousness and wallet by and via media,business, pharmaceutical, technological ,political,religious doctrines and industries. PEACE

Rachael Junge, it seems you grew up in Toowoomba, before it had any water fluoridation ie prior to 2009.
How are your teeth? Did you brush your teeth back then?
A lack of fluoride in the water does not decay teeth.
My two children grew up in non-fluoridated Brisbane, and have no fillings.
Most of Europe and all of Japan is not fluoridated.
Please research the facts before repeating the claims of people with a conflict of interest, because they want this fluoride practice to continue despite the facts.

The actual problem is that people can’t afford to take proper care of their teeth. That and how many people in Queensland also smoke/take other drugs which cause tooth decay. Oh not to mention how expensive healthy food that isn’t smothered in sugar actually is and how unrealistic it is to expect every single household to be able to buy all this stuff to take care of themselves when we are barely paid enough to keep the roof over our heads. Absolutely nothing to do with the fluoride. Haven’t been to a dentist in over a decade, why? Because I just can’t afford it. Have been eating solely with my front teeth for that long too because of the decay at the back, which has worn down my front teeth. I’ve accepted that I will most probably never have the ridiculous amount of money required to fix my teeth and there’s nothing I can do about it. We don’t need fluoride, we need dentistry to ACTUALLY be affordable for everybody.

Water fluoridation chemicals (these are potent toxins, neurotoxins and carcinogens) first commenced in Beaconsfield Tasmania in 1953 and widespread water fluoridation throughout Australia from then on – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine coast and surrounds ‘fluoridated’ since December, 2008 and from then on throughout Queensland – water fluoridation chemicals in our drinking water; hence also right through out food chain – It’s long overdue for Mainstream media to reveal the true facts about water fluoridation under YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW.

Australia has epidemics of chronic diseases/mental health disorders etc., (and dental crisis) – we are in a shocking state of health/mental health/behavioural disorders etc..
Mental Illness alone is costing Australia $500 Million per DAY – the problem is so widespread and severe that they are now pushing for mental health screening of toddlers.

As I said water fluoridation chemicals are potent toxins, NEUROTOXINS and carcinogens – fluoride/silicofluorides/fluorosilicic acid/sodium fluorosilicate with co-contaminants of lead, mercury, a***nic, cadmium, thallium, beryllium etc., (added to this neurotoxic chemicalc***tail is aluminium sulphate (another potent neurotoxin) as a ‘flocculant’.

Our health/mental health/behavioural disorders/dental crisis is epidemic – we must ban all water fluoridation chemical treatment plants if our population has any chance in the future to be safe and healthy.

Kidney disease is also one of our epidemics – here is an example of the catastrophic effects of ‘fluorides and aluminium’.

Dialysis Water Pre-treatment – SEE WATER CONTAMINATION ‘FLUORIDE’ AND ‘ALUMINIUM’ AND HOW DANGEROUS/DEADLY IT IS – LIKEWISE THE c**ULATIVE AND DAMAGING EFFECTS ON THE BRAIN – see extensive information on this throughout Research Report
TABLE 1: Hæmodialysis Risks associate
Failure to ensure adequate water quality may have dire consequences to patient safety and welfare.
Patients undergoing haemodialysis may show signs and symptoms caused by water contamination, which can lead to patient injury or death. Some of the important possible signs and symptoms due to water contamination are listed below in Table 1.
TABLE 1: Hæmodialysis Risks associated with Water Contamination1 Symptoms Possible Water Contaminants
Anaemia Aluminium, chloramine, copper, zinc Bone Disease Aluminium, fluoride
Hæmolysis Copper, nitrates, chloramine Hypertension Calcium, sodium
Hypotension Bacteria, endotoxin, nitrates
Metabolic acidosis Low pH, sulfates
Muscle weakness Calcium, magnesium
Neurological deterioration Aluminium
Nausea and vomiting Bacteria, calcium, copper, endotoxin, low pH, magnesium, nitrates, sulfates, zinc
Death Aluminium, fluoride, endotoxin, bacteria, chloramine
The guidelines in this document are based on the AAMI standards, as the minimum acceptable
standard for the pre-treatment of water for hæmodialysis.
Use of more rigorous standards is acceptable for systems in NSW – and is strongly recommended.

Anyone can direct me to the “study” stating that Sodium Fluoride is good for the health of the humanity? I’m sure that “The Dentist Association” or the ” Health Pyramid” will say yes is good.
A business needs clientele unfortunately. I have witness what sodium fluoride does to the bone in kids and is nasty near mind the Pay studies and certifications and The Aluminium industries dispose now days the even get paid to put in in the pure water…Sad subject. Wake up!