Lady Gaga’s dog walker shot, two Frenchies stolen

Lady Gaga is offering a $500,000 reward for the return of her French bulldogs after her dog walker was shot and robbed in the United States.

The dog walker was attacked on Wednesday night while walking three of Gaga’s dogs while the superstar was filming a movie in Rome.

He was confronted by a sedan along Sunset Boulevard just before 10.00 pm, where two men got out and tried to steal the dogs.


The dog walker tried to fight them off before he sustained one gunshot wound.

It’s understood one of the dogs escaped, while the other two were taken away in the vehicle.

Several 911 calls were made to police, who rushed to the scene.

The dog walker is expected to survive his injuries, while the one dog that escaped has since been located.

Lady Gaga is now reportedly offering a $US500,000 reward – no questions asked – for the return of her other two dogs.

It’s still not clear if the dogs were targetted because they belong to Lady Gaga, or because the French bulldog is a popular breed.

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Maybe now its happened to a celebrity, something will be done about dog kidnapping. It is happening in every country. Peoples pets are being stolen on a daily basis for re-selling or puppy farm breeding or even worse, for bait in dog fights and even food. Families and children are being left heartbroken not knowing what fate lies for their family member. Yes I am a dog lover and I would not hesitate to beat the living daylights out of anyone I knew to steal animals.

Spot on deke.