Lady Pamela crew to be released from Gold Coast hotel quarantine

The Melbourne millionaire and his family will be released from hotel quarantine on the Gold Coast today, after sailing a super yacht from Victoria into Queensland.

The Lady Pamela arrived just over two weeks ago under a maintenance exemption, with a crew of seven people.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young had confirmed they were given an exemption to bring the boat into Queensland for maintenance, provided they didn’t stop off along the way, and had spent two weeks at sea.


However, it was found that various members of the crew had stopped off in New South Wales, which is a declared hot spot.

Queensland Health then revoked their exemption.

Construction Magnate Mark Simonds and his family were put into hotel quarantine, while police began a criminal investigation.

All members have now received fines for breaching coronavirus restrictions, while the skipper of the boat is now facing criminal charges for allegedly making a false declaration to Queensland Health.

It’s understood none of the group will be made to return to Victoria, and will be allowed to go about their business in Queensland.

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So a millionaire can pay a few grand to breach laws..pocket change and gets stay in qld! what a joke!

Should of been escorted to Manus island like most other refugees arriving on boats.

Bloody disgusting…..ship them back to victoria…..these so called experts have rules for general queenslander and another for their so called buddies