Jacqui Lambie jumps from the PUP ship

UPDATE: JACQUI LAMBIE has announced she will quit the Palmer United Party and will serve in the Senate as an independent.

Her statement follows a war of words with Clive Palmer, who on Monday accused his former Tasmanian colleague of infiltrating the PUP on behalf of the major parties.

But Senator Lambie said she had neither the time or energy to be drawn into “a political mudslinging contest”.


“I will not be drawn into the game of responding to hurtful and false personal attacks,” she said.

Senator Lambie said the PUP leader had been graced with great wealth and power and had an opportunity to do good for many Australians.

But she did offer some kind words to the party leader.

“After these political matters settle there will be many opportunities for us to work together in the national interest,” she said.

“I wish Clive and his beautiful family, staff and friends all the very best.”

She will address the media shortly.

EARLIER: PALMER United senator Jacqui Lambie is today expected to decide whether she will split from the party.

She is reportedly meeting with a lawyer to discuss her future.

It comes after a long-winded war of words with Clive Palmer, with the latest accusation from the party leader that Lambie was used by another party to get inside information on PUP.

The outspoken senator is expected to announce she’ll quit the party, which could leave Mr Palmer without a balance of power in the Senate.