Landholders: it’s time to finalise bushfire preparations

LANDHOLDERS across the southeast are being reminded that now is the time to finalise preparations ahead of an upcoming potentially volatile bushfire season. (Image courtesy of Cameron Neville) 

Rural Fire Service Queensland South Eastern Region Area Director Corey Bock said the window was rapidly closing for landholders to conduct their own hazard reduction burns.

He said fire wardens would be scrutinising each application for a Permit to Light a Fire on a case by case basis as weather conditions had dried out.


“There are many areas in the region where grass fuel loads are still high, but time is running out to get out there, take control of the situation and burn off before the vegetation dries out,” Mr Bock said.

“Reducing fuel loads in high risk bushfire areas decreases the chance of loss of property or even life during bushfire.

“Not all permit applications will be approved with the lack of rain, but there are other ways to reduce the risk on your property with good home maintenance.

“Tidy yards of leaf litter and palm fronds, clear gutters and ensure access to your property is clear for emergency vehicles.”

Mr Bock said everyone should be mindful that bushfire season was just around the corner and understand the need to contact emergency services if they see a fire of any size.

“Now is the time to exercise caution and be aware that early reporting of any fire incidents will drastically improve the chances of staying on top of fire activity before it gets out of hand,” Mr Bock said.

“Call triple zero (000), even if you think someone else may have already reported the fire. You may have further details that can aid emergency services to locate the fire or understand its behaviour.

“Bushfire arson is also something that residents need to be mindful of, so be aware of suspicious activity that might have led to a fire.”

To locate your Fire Warden contact your local Area Office. Details are available at

Report suspicious behaviour by calling Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, contacting your local police station, or lodging an online information report at