Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington face $US3.7M suit

Australian actor Sam Worthington and model Lara Bingle look to be headed for a US court showdown next week.

It comes after paparazzo, Sheng Li, claims he sustained more than $US3.7 million ($A5.2 million) damages in a street attack.

The New York photographer alleges he was viciously assaulted by Hollywood action star Worthington and model Bingle in Manhattan on February 23, 2014.


According to court records, Li is seeking $US2 million compensation plus punitive damages, $US500,000 for past and future damages and other costs including $US100,000 for lost income, $US250,000 for surgery to his right rotator cuff and $US250,000 for radiculopathy of his cervical spine.

Worthington and Bingle reject Li’s claimed damages “in their entirety”.

A jury trial for the civil case is set to begin in New York on September 8.

The US District Judge has ordered footage of the alleged attack be submitted to court.

New York police, who arrested Worthington and Li at the scene, said Bingle alleged Li had been blocking her path and kicked her in the shin.

Photos of Bingle’s leg taken by Worthington’s lawyer Stacey Richman are expected to be submitted as evidence.

Li’s lawyers allege he did not kick Bingle, describing it as a “phantom kick”.

The couple’s lawyers also plan to submit paparazzi photos of Worthington and Bingle taken in public, including outside a California hospital after the birth of their son.