Lara Bingle sold her $1 million apartment to fund her skincare brand

Lara Bingle has gone from model to successful business woman, but now she has revealed just how risky the move was.

Back in 2014, the 28-year-old launched her very own skincare brand – The Base – but in order to get the brand off the ground, Lara needed to sell her waterfront apartment.

She sold her stunning Darling Point pad for one million dollars, and used the cash to kick start her business.


Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lara said: ‘I wanted to have my own business – I sold my house to create it.’

‘I started The Base because I wanted to create something that’s very authentic and real and enhanced women’s beauty rather than constantly putting layers on,” Lara told the publication, adding that the experience was ‘inspiring’.

‘I know all the back end, I do everything,’ Bingle said, ‘I wanted to know what was to do with the boxes, the branding, the packaging, the formulas – it’s just learning about something that I’ve never done before.’