Large bird rescue mission deemed too dangerous to carry out

An unusual situation is unfolding on the Sundale Bridge this afternoon, with reports a large bird is hanging off a tower.

It’s understood the animal is tangled in fishing wire, and danging from a tower on the eastern side of the Sundale Bridge.

Fire fighter crews were called into assist an animal rescue group in getting the bird down.


One pump and two speciality rescue crews were on the scene from around 3.00pm until 5.00pm.

The bird is currently hanging around 18 metres off the ground, though other large offsprey birds are now circling.

It’s understood baby birds are huddled in a nest on top of the tower.

Firies have called off the rescue mission, deciding that it’s too dangerous to attempt while the larger birds are circling.

Crews were still on the scene at the time of writing.