Large blaze burns across Burleigh headland

UPDATE: A FIRE overnight has closed the Burleigh Heads National park coastal walk.

Large boulders hang dangerously over pathways and large areas on the eastern side have been burnt out.

Access is closed to the public.


burleigh headland burnt


EARLIER: FIRE continues to burn across the Burleigh Point headland tonight, although there is no threat to property. (Picture: Marcus Hargreaves)

The large blaze was first reported around 6.30pm, burning in the area of Goodwin Terrace in the Burleigh Heads National Park.

It quickly engulfed a large section of the landmark hill.

Thick smoke could be seen billowing from the ocean side, while towering flames illuminated the night sky in a bright orange glow.

At times the fire was burning erratically and quickly, but authorities said at no time did it pose a threat to neighbouring buildings.

Firefighters and representatives from the Department of National Parks are closely monitoring the fire’s progress and will remain on scene throughout the night.

Earlier, concerned residents and intrigued tourists flocked to the area in their dozens to catch a glimpse of the rare event.

At 10pm, it was reported the fire had significantly subsided and was said to be burning itself out as it moved into greener vegetation.

Check out some of the incredible images from the scene below! 

FIRE - Adriana Falwasser

PICTURE: Adriana Falwasser

FIRE - Jai Wood


FIRE - 1 - Adriana Falwasser

PICTURE: Adriana Falwasser

FIRE - Terry McCaul

PICTURE: Terry McCaul