Last burst of Winter weather ahead of Spring

We will bid farewell to Winter on Thursday, but how do you say goodbye to something that never arrived?

The Gold Coast experienced a rather unseasonably warm three months, with the mercury barely dipping below double digits throughout June-August.

Queensland experienced its hottest July on record, much to the annoyance of those who look forward to pulling out the Uggs and other Winter fashions.


While our nights were mild, the days were spectacular with top temperatures pushing 30 degrees.

On August 19 we reached 29 degrees at the Gold Coast Seaway, seven degrees above the monthly average.

But it wasn’t the hottest August day on record, that was in 2009 when the mercury tipped 32.4 degrees!

And you may have had to pull the doona up a couple of times, the coldest morning was on August 20, when we dipped down to 6.3 degrees.

Earlier this week it dropped to a frosty minus-3.4 degrees on the border town of Stanthorpe.

In Surfers Paradise today, a top temperature of 24 is predicted, while it will be a degree warmer in the western suburbs.

Tomorrow morning could be a good day for a sleep in with the mercury dropping to just nine degrees in Robina and then the first day of Spring on Friday will be welcomed with a low of eight degrees.

But more stunning days are on the way, with sunny skies forecast for the Gold Coast Show long weekend.