Last chance to register to vote for federal election

Time is running out for Australians to make sure they can have their say in the upcoming federal election.

Voters only have until 8pm tonight to ensure they are enrolled to vote at the May 21 poll.

That is also the cut off for people to update their details if they have changed their address or name since the last election.


More than 450,000 people have already enrolled or updated their details since the election was called last weekend.

Around 50,000 of those are people enrolling to vote for the first time.

Australian Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers is urging people to jump online before tonight.

“It’s a really easy process to do that and I’d urge people to do it so that they can take part in such an important national and community event,” Mr Rogers has told the ABC.

The AEC is particularly keen to ensure young people are enrolled to vote for next month’s election.

“Since the last election, we put about 1.1 million people on the roll. Many of those will be those that have turned 18 during that period. Of course, there’s some new citizens there as well but there’s a fairly healthy level of enrollment.

“I should say for 18 to 24-year-olds, I’d really urge young people…who know they’re eligible to enrol to jump on the website today before 8pm and make sure they’re enrolled so they can have their say.”