LATEST: Truck driver infectious in Qld, Gold Coast case on oxygen

Queensland has recorded no new local COVID-19 cases today, but another interstate truck driver has tested positive and was active in the community for two days.

The driver, who had one dose of the vaccine, tested positive in Victoria on October 20.

But Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young said the man was out and about in Brisbane on Monday and Tuesday this week before returning to Victoria.


A number of exposure sites linked to the man have been posted on the Qld Health website, including ‘The Gilly Barber’ in Richlands, Hoyts Cinema in Stafford and Freedom Fuels in Acacia Ridge.

“This truck driver had had one dose of the vaccine on the 1st of October but that is not sufficient to stop someone from spreading the virus… We know that’s a risk,” Dr Young said.

“It is really important, we know we can get virus in our community at any point in time, so the protection to that is to just get vaccinated… We don’t know when we will have our next case.”

Health officials also revealed that the condition of the infected Gold Coast Uber driver, believed to have acquired the virus interstate, has deteriorated rapidly overnight.

“I am sorry I have to report he is very unwell,” Dr Young told reporters on Friday.

“They are keeping a very close eye on him… He is on high flow oxygen and he will probably need to go into intensive care.

“That is terrible… He is a very young, fit man who was not vaccinated and he is now extremely sick.”

Dr Young said the case should prove as a stark warning about just how dangerous the virus is.

“The best thing we can all do to protect ourselves is to get vaccinated so we don’t end up in that situation,” she said.

“He was so sick that he probably has not been out in the community so we don’t have exposure venues for him other than his place of residence.

“Anyone who lives there has been told any symptoms at all to get tested but we believe they are only casual contacts because he has been so sick he has been at home.

“It is really important, don’t end up as he unfortunately has, make sure you get vaccinated.”

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said authorities are still probing the man’s movements, with mystery surrounding how he crossed the border into Queensland without going into quarantine.

“They can’t get further information because he is so sick… Authorities are trying to get information and when he is well enough they will. It is a wait and see,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“The police are doing those investigations and they will update the public when they see fit”.

The Premier continued by uring Queenslanders, particularly those in Logan and on the Gold Coast, to come forward and get vaccinated this weekend.

“We have nine days to get people vaccinated. There is no excuse. There is a lot of places to get your vaccine. There is supply and time is of the essence,” she said.

Tomorrow we have our Super Saturday vaccination blitz and we have over 100 schools now that are going to be open tomorrow from 9-2 and they are walk-ins.”