Lauren Brant’s first baby mistake on Instagram

Not gonna lie: when I saw the image Lauren Brant posted of herself just one week after giving birth, I may have sighed.

Or was it a groan? I don’t know – let’s just say I rolled my eyes.

Because the photo Lauren chose to share was so ridiculously private.


It was an image of Lauren wearing a perfectly adorable black bra and frilly knickers. She has a completely flat stomach, perfectly straight hair, a sweet smile on her face and a gorgeous baby in her arms.

Truth bomb: she does not look the way an average woman does one-week post-partum. The rest of us generally have bloated tummies that move like jelly when prodded, supported by nana-style undergarments big enough to hold maternity pads.

Thus, there are few ordinary women who could probably relate to the picture Lauren shared.

But let’s be real – Lauren’s not an ordinary woman. She’s a TV personality who lives in the public eye, who is paid in part to look ‘picture perfect’. She invests a lot of time, money and resources into keeping her perfectly toned bod, well, perfectly toned, so it stands to reason that she looks so fighting fit just days after spewing out a human.

To be clear: the reason I sighed (or groaned) wasn’t because I was jealous. It’s not because I didn’t look like that after giving birth.

It’s because I’m sick of the ‘Insta’ society we’ve cultivated – we’ve become such a massive bunch of over-sharers, self-promoters and validation-seekers that we’ve created an environment where sharing this type of photo is “normal”.

It’s not!

It’s private, and intimate, and none of anyone’s business.

Why did she feel the need to share her almost-naked self with the world? To enjoy the cooing of hundreds of fans reflecting back at her, “Wow, Lauren, you look amazing so soon after having a baby!”

I suspect that isn’t what she got, as the photo is now deleted from her account.

Over-sharing – it’s the scourge of modern society.

If we could turn back time, we’d all be better for it.