Laurie Daley issues call out to players to “dob” in NRL drug addicts

NSW coach Laurie Daley is urging NRL players to tell the league if they suspect teammates might be addicted to prescription drugs.

Daley issued the call out to NRL players after two South Sydney players – Aaron Gray and Dylan Walker – overdosed on painkillers on Tuesday morning.

Speaking to News Corp Australia, Laurie said “if someone has an addiction and you really care for them, you will get them help.”


“If my kid had a drug problem and everyone knew, I would be absolutely horrified if no one told me.

“We don’t want people to find themselves in a position where they end up dying.”

Laurie also told the publication that players should be provided with more education about addictions.

“An addiction can be like depression. And if you are dependent on alcohol and drugs, you require people to help get the right avenues to get better.

“Pick up the phone and ring someone. Get them the appropriate help.”

Laurie also said he was relieved Walker and Gray’s conditions had improved.