Lawyer for man arrested over foiled terror plot to review police action

A 50-year-old man had his life turned upside down after being arrested over a terrorist plot to bring down an aircraft.

Abdul Merhi was arrested in a series of police raids across Sydney, he was one of four men taken into custody.

But Merhi was released without charge on Tuesday night while the other three men remain behind bars.


His solicitor Moustafa Kheir is concerned his client’s identity was revealed and declared he’ll review what basis the police had to identify his client.

“It’s just unfathomable that he (Merhi) would be associated with anything like this,” Kheir said.

Police are continuing to comb through evidence but they’re working to a tight deadline.

The Australian Federal Police were granted to power to hold all four men up to seven days, which expires on Sunday evening.

Little information about the foiled plot has been confirmed by police, but what they have said is the plot involved plans to “bring down” an aircraft using an “improvised device”.

In the last week there has been a push for heightened security at airports across Australia, and on Wednesday representatives for commercial pilots demanded permanent change.