Lawyer speaks after Byron Bay mother charged with murder in Bali

UPDATE:  An Indonesian Lawyer has said the Byron Bay woman accused of killing a policeman, called for help, when he pinned her down and tried to attack her.

The Lawyer told reporters three or four men arrived at Kuta Beach and pulled the police officer off Sara Connor, allowing her to slip away.

EARLIER: A mother of two from Byron Bay is facing up to 15 years in a Bali prison, after being charged with the murder of a policeman.


Sara Connor, 45, is also facing charges of assault causing death and group assault, after the officer’s body was found on a Kuta beach on Wednesday morning.

Ms Connor and her British partner, David Taylor, are believed to have had a run-in with the officer on Tuesday night after she lost her handbag just hours after landing on the holiday island.

The couple handed themselves in to Police on Friday and were questioned for hours on Saturday before both were charged.

Ms Connor is being represented by the same lawyer who assisted Gold Coast drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.