Lawyers clash during Dreamworld Inquest

A senior barrister at the Dreamworld Inquest has accused Shine Lawyers of opportunism and possibly compromising witnesses evidence.

Ken Fleming QC is assisting Coroner James MacDougall in an investigation into the death of Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi on the Thunder River Rapids Ride in 2016.

Mr Fleming told the ABC, Shine Lawyers were using the case to build their own profile after the law firm announced they would be representing former Dreamworld employees suing the theme park.


He said it also compromises the witnesses’ evidence.

However, today, he apologised outside of the Southport Coroners Court.

“In so far as there might be any imputation against Shine Lawyers that they have acted inappropriately or unprofessionally I unreservedly withdraw those and unreservedly apologise for those.”

Inside the courtroom, lawyers continued to question first aid workers.

A number of these workers suffer from post-traumatic stress and are suing the park.

The court also heard there was another incident, in 2014, where a woman fell into the water on the Thunder River Rapids Ride.

The inquest continues.