Lawyers look into Australian class action over iPhone slowdown

Australian iPhone users are being encouraged to join a potential class action against Apple.

Queensland law firm Shine Lawyers has confirmed it is investigating a possible lawsuit after Apple confirmed it deliberately slowed down older devices.

A class action has already been filed in the United States while experts in other countries are also looking into similar lawsuits.


Shine Lawyers Class Action expert Jan Saddler says Apple has ‘misled’ millions of customers into thinking their phones were malfunctioning, leading many to spend money on an upgrade.

“There was no express consent among iPhone users to have their phones slowed down.”

“Consumers download updates with the belief that it will improve or enhance the operation of their devices,” she said.

Ms Saddler says cases could be brought against Apple for defects in the iPhone 6, 6S, SE and 7.

“If a corporate entity withholds information or doesn’t make full disclosure, then that results, we would say, in a breach of consumer law,” she said.

A decision on whether to proceed with the class action is expected to be made early in 2018.



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Firstly if you go to their store now the apple representatives are rude to you like it was our mistake and the representative asked me to lose all of my contacts, pictures and Memories and said i can’t back-up my phone and said why did you restore it? you can’t restore it, then i might ask apple why are we paying you for icloud services if we are not allowed to keep any of our memories? THAT MISTAKE HAS BEEN DONE BY APPLE NOT BY US THEN APPLE HAS TO PAY FOR IT NOT US APPLE HAS TO PAY FOR THIS CAUSE….