Leaders begin plotting tourism battle plans for Gold Coast, Queensland

Local, state and federal leaders are meeting all over the place today to sort out a revival plan for Gold Coast’s and Queensland’s tourism industry.

The Queensland Premier will be meeting with hospitality and tourism leaders, about how best to open their doors safely following the coronavirus crisis.

Representatives from Village Roadshow and Accor Hotels will be among those involved in discussions.


While a new Gold Coast task force, headed by Federal MP Angie Bell, will also meet today to discuss a more local approach.

Representatives from Destination Gold Coast are expected to be involved in both meetings.

It’s understood that the virus has already cost the Gold Coast tourism industry more than $1 billion.

It seems all parties are preparing battle plans for once tourism can be revived, to go up against the other states and territories for domestic visitors.

Though there’s already been criticism from the state opposition claiming that Queensland isn’t ready for the battle at all.

It comes just a day before the National Cabinet meets again, where restrictions around the hospitality and tourism industries may be slightly altered.

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Hope the GC opens its doors to NNSW before that