Leapai told to ‘smash’ Klitschko in world title bout

HIS life story so far reads more like a Hollywood movie, but Logan father Alex Leapai only has one focus this month.

The redeemed Christian will face Ukrainian hero Wladimir Klitschko in an historic world title bout on April 26 in Germany.

The Brisbane Times reports, Leapai has based his training on the Gold Coast this week, under the eye of trainer Noel Thornberry and former world title-holder Joe Bugner.


Bugner was one of the hardiest heavyweights of the 1970s, fighting almost all of the great names, including Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and Henry Cooper. He was a twice-Commonwealth and triple-European champion and claimed the WBF version of the belt at age 48.

“Alex Leapai is going to have to go over to Germany and smash this bloke – literally smash this bloke,” Bugner said. “He’s got no way of winning on points. This guy, the Germans have accepted him as one of their own now.”

“Take it by the horns and toss him to the ground. This is no joke – this is his one chance in a lifetime to fight for the world heavyweight title. To me, he can’t be playing with this guy because he wants to hurt Alex. Nobody wants to go in and fight for 12 rounds.”

Leapai has been sparring with tall opponents to find a way to negotiate the height difference (15 centimetres) against Klitschko.