Legal action could see us pay more for power

THERE are claims, Queenslanders could end up paying more to keep the lights on, as the state’s main power providers launch legal action.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Water Supply Andrew Powell claims we will pay more on our power bills if state-owned electricity companies Ergon and Energex succeed in overturning a decision from the Australian Energy Regulator.

“If these government-run businesses are successful in their challenge it will mean Queenslanders end up paying more,” Mr Powell said.


The change would reportedly wipe out any saving from a recent power price decrease.

He also accused the Palaszczuk Government of relying on the profits from these businesses to pay for their election promises.

“Their budget strategy sees 100 per cent of profits stripped out of these businesses and going back into government coffers,” Mr Powell claims.

“It might be in the Labor Government’s best interests to see revenues at these businesses go up, but it’s not in the best interests of Queenslanders.”