“Legislation sucks”: Mayor’s message to GC businesses ahead of vax mandate

The Gold Coast Mayor feels for businesses preparing to turn away unvaccinated customers once Queensland’s vaccine mandate comes in from December 17.

It’ll mean that hospitality and entertainment businesses have to ensure all staff are vaccinated, and they have to check the vaccination status of all their patrons.

Those who can’t prove they’ve been fully vaccinated via Queensland’s Covid-19 Check In app will have to be turned away.


Mayor Tom Tate is encouraging businesses to follow the law, but says he does not agree with it.

“I’m pro-choice, so if you’re unvaccinated my personal opinion is that they should be able to go in and buy a cup or coffee or drink a beer.

“That’s where I differ from legislations – so don’t take my advice on it.

“To small businesses, tell your regular customers to download the certificate, the Covid certificate.

“You’re going to have to check in anyway using the Queensland Check In app, and on that now there an option you can hit another button and you’re showing your vaccination certificate.

“Imagine it’s showing an ID and if you’ve got a certificate there, they’re not going to ask you for an ID once you got to show them a certificate so do it all in one action.

“Be prepared – download the apps,” the Mayor said on Tuesday morning.

When asked if he thinks the rules are unfair to businesses, who have been struggling with ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions for the last two years, he says it is.

“They are busy trying to be hospitable and trying to serve food, trying to make everyone welcome.

“And now they’ve got to be Covid cops as well? I don’t like it,” Mayor Tom Tate said.

Despite being at odds with the state government mandate, the Mayor has stopped short of urging businesses not to follow the rules.

“I cant (advise against the rules), it’d be terrible to do as the Mayor.

“Legislation sucks but be prepared to do it,” Mr Tate said.

The comments come as Queensland bring in huge penalties for customers who abuse staff at hospitality venues once the vaccine mandate comes in.

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