Let the boats through, marry properly and kill the forgetful

Terminally ill patients should be able to end their own lives with medical assistance.

I would also welcome the option of euthanasia for dementia patients and I believe that not only should we not ‘turn the boats back’ but we should let many more refugees seeking asylum into this country each year.

Let’s keep going then shall we; I think the minimum wage should be higher, I think the anti-terrorism laws have gone too far, I think that marriage should only be between a man and a woman and apparently I don’t much mind whether Australia is a republic or a monarchy.


What do you think? Do you agree or disagree – you surely must have an opinion?

As we enter the third week of an eight-week federal election marathon it can be daunting for some Australians to engage in the political conversation.

But living in Australia is not all Anzac Day two-up frivolity and union jack cheek tattoos on Australia Day – sometimes we actually have to give back rather than get.

And giving back might not be as tedious or as difficult as you think.

Vote Compass is a great place to start.

So far over 430,000 Aussies have given it a go.

I did it yesterday and something wonderful happened.

I learnt stuff.

About myself, about the issues involved in this election and about the parties contesting it.

This learning followed me home.

I had ‘somewhat disagreed’ with the question ‘transgender awareness should be taught in primary schools’ and told my wife and a few friends about my answers later that day.

I just remember thinking that kids had enough to learn without tackling this complex issue, why not give them a few years of relative innocence and let them discover that princesses can be princes and vice versa once they get to high school.

My wife (a primary teacher) offered opinions and gave examples I hadn’t considered.

I don’t know that they changed my mind, but they certainly gave me a greater sense of the issue.

I got eyebrows from my partner and her friend on the subject of marriage and the fact I had ticked ‘agree’ to the question ‘marriage should be between a man and a woman’.

A conversation ensued.

“Yeh but what happens if a man and two women want to be married? Or three women? If you’re changing ‘man and woman’ to be more inclusive then you can’t then become exclusive if the number changes.”

Admittedly I was playing devil’s advocate abit to see what everyone really thought on this issue but if I’m being honest I don’t like the idea of separating religion from marriage because it bandaids over the obvious flaws of the religion – if the ‘institution’ is too exclusive (which it obviously is) then let’s make a new one.

We can all celebrate the anniversaries of our ‘Unions’ and leave marriage with religion so everyone’s happy.

But the real point here is that I took five minutes to figure out where I stood politically heading into this election and it not only helped me learn about myself, about the parties and about what issues I might like to follow more closely but it sparked debate in the home on a range of issues that seldom come up but are so very important to think AND talk about.

Ignorance is not an excuse and is not something to be celebrated any longer.

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