“Let’s party like it’s 2032” Coast to install big screen for live Olympics announcement

Gold Coasters will be able to come together next month to watch live as the announcement is made on who will host the 2032 Olympics.

Council is forking out $270,000 from the city reserve to host an exciting ‘live site’ party at Kurrawa from July 21.

The celebration will feature fireworks, kids activities, sporting competitions, live entertainment, and the all-important announcement which will be beamed live on a big screen in the park.


“We are all waiting in the hope that the South East Queensland region will be announced as host destination for the 2032 Olympics,” Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said.

“The official advice will come through from Tokyo between 6-7pm but we want people there in Kurrawa Park after school, or work, to enjoy the free activities from 4pm.

“This is a chance to witness history if we do get the green light,” Mayor Tate said.

If Brisbane is confirmed as the lucky city for the 2032 Olympics, the coast will host 14 different events across seven facilities.

Sports include weightlifting, volleyball, beach volleyball, judo, wrestling, golf, triathlon, aquatic (swimming marathon) and football prelims.

The ‘live site’ at Kurrawa will remain in place for the duration of the whole Tokyo Olympics, from July 21 to August 8, so Gold Coasters can watch all of the action on the big screen.

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Nobody wants it…nobody cares. How about spending $270k to fix our roads.

This is disgraceful having announced massive deficits due to inefficient and incompetent government, the Premier loves making announcements so she can have trips to various Olympic venues ( for necessary research etc )

Just another ego play by Palachook. And of course little Tommy Tate is in on the action.

Looking forwards to all the projects that will now be fast tracked over the next 10 years as a result of this announcement. The train and the light rail services terminating at the GC airport would be a great start.