“Let’s Play Again Soon”: Gold Coast tourism’s pitch to Aussie families

Tourism bosses on the Gold Coast have fired the first shots in a bid to lure tourists back to the Glitter Strip once travel restrictions are eased.

Destination Gold Coast has released a new marketing video thanking parents for their efforts and sacrifices during the COVID-19 crisis, and encouraging families to come and “play again” on the Gold Coast soon.

The new campaign follows on from the highly successful blitz promoting the Gold Coast as “Australia’s favourite playground.”


That campaign led to a huge increase in domestic visitors, especially from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

A record 14.2 million people visited the Gold Coast last year spending $5.9 billion before coroavirus brought that to a grinding halt.

The virus has cost the Gold Coast economy more than $1 billion already and is estimated to be costing $300 million for every month it continues.

Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista says despite the devastation, there has been some good to come out of the crisis.

“If there’s one positive outcome from this pandemic, it is the reset on what we value most – human connection, relationships and quality time together,” Ms Battista said.

“These are key attributes that go hand in hand with the experience of holidaying on the Gold Coast, and why we’ve earned our stripes as Australia’s favourite playground.

“So, unlike the majority of destination messages currently in the market, which are focused on spotlighting their own selling points, we’re taking a very different approach and simply reaching out to connect with families across Australia.”

Tourism bosses have been busy making aggressive plans to entice visitors back to the Gold Coast as soon as restrictions are eased.

Ms Battista warns the recovery will take some time, but says they are getting on the front foot.

“We may be in hibernation, but we are by no means sitting on our hands,” Ms Battista said.

“The Gold Coast is all for families, so at a time where parents could really use the chance to exhale and reconnect with loved ones, we are ready to welcome them back to come and play in our incredible backyard.”

WATCH: “Let’s Play Again Soon on the Gold Coast”: 


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