Life-size cow stolen from iconic Gold Coast steakhouse Cav’s

OWNERS of famous Gold Coast steakhouse Cav’s are celebrating the return of their much-loved cow Huey, after it was allegedly stolen from out the front of their restaurant this week.

The life-sized fiberglass fixture was allegedly cow-napped from its home in Labrador late Monday night, with the animal turning up on a nearby street the following morning.

Cav’s owner Richard Cavill told myGC that he believes Huey was taken by a group of people who used the restaurant’s car park to “throw a party”.


He said the group set up tables, chairs and cushions in the car park at the back of the steakhouse before deciding to take Huey on a midnight adventure.

“They put him in their ute and took him home to their apartment complex,” Richard said.

“CCTV vision from the complex shows they then tried to load Huey into the lift to take him upstairs but he wouldn’t fit!”[0]=68.ARB7KgQyWW3_26YcwC5eld06Us6Ro2q22im19WR6wz3E3w31KXdsHuIs7DpCZdDUz-_0sFZfbVn2DGKgk5sLlwA-6TstXbZ4rCzme_J1xl6BuLpeybrQIX5YIsyaYDKZjfz2Gu0urC2_7kpL8KEcdqGBnEPyfb0OM9o19kjckEnvR9ye-oS2ggmx01Nzv2iBKIIrxIZxDHZAVeJUDNggdM4SLlZmgKV_bYFQEJj8lzBAPRVmKKMCjEIZbEvMLfQB9acVEhoOLXyifPcbTTAPVzNfUCZjkJa_NBVpjqroxEnruJb6_0bO2YHSQlUC1gdjWccAnLXFI34smehIOgWR6h2aCw&__tn__=-R

With nowhere to hide the large animal figure, the alleged cow-nappers threw Huey out onto the street where he was found by residents in Labrador the following morning.

“They found Huey lying down on the road having a sleep because he obviously had a bit of a late night partying,” Richard joked.

The good news is, Huey is now safe and sound back home in his paddock to the relief of his owners and locals.

“Glad to see Huey is back where he belongs! Those cows have certainly had some adventures over the years…. if only they could speak!” one person wrote on Facebook.

“We love our cows! They’re part of our community! We locals will protect them to no end. Glad Huey is ok!” Local Councillor Kristyn Boulton commented.

Sadly, Richard said it’s not the first time one of their cows has gone missing, with the cow-nappings occurring a few times over the restaurant’s 35 year history.