Lifeguard bashing bikie jailed

A FORMER Gold Coast bikie accused of viciously bashing a Gold Coast lifeguard was today jailed for 12 months and ordered to pay more then $1500 in compensation.

Liborio Di Vita, 35, appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court this morning, charged with bashing the Burleigh lifeguard on May 21 of last year, occasioning bodily harm.

The lifeguard is understood to have advised Di Vita’s girlfriend to refrain from walking her dog within the flagged areas of the beach.


No stranger to aggressive outbursts, the former sergeant-at-arms of the Black Uhlans Criminal Motorcycle Gang on the Gold Coast decided it was best to return to the North Burleigh Beach and retaliate by confronting and assaulting the lifeguard.

The court heard how Di Vita responded by slapping the council worker over the face twice, breaking his sunglasses and then – as he lay on the ground – punched him in the head and kicked sand into his face.

Di Vita’s lawyer told the court his client admitted to having anger issues and was on medication to stabilise his mood.

However, the magistrate described Di Vita’s actions as simply unacceptable, stating a public official performing a duty on the beach had no right to be attacked.

Di Vita was sentenced to twelve months jail. He will eligible for parole on May 23.